Prop Guard® PG16



Prop Guard® is made to surround the propeller like a nozzle. This designed nozzle action moves water with a controlled directional force which gives the boat improved handling and more power. This nozzle action is accomplished with no moving parts to adjust or replace. Whether you have an outboard or stern drive, Prop Guard® will increase propeller efficiency, decrease fuel consumption and improve boat handling while reducing hull and engine stress. Technical testing of the Prop Guard® has proven that the performance of pleasure crafts are actually enhanced by the installation of the Prop Guard®.




  • 16" Prop Guard® (Safety White) fits 110hp to 350hp (All Stern Drives & Volvo Dual)
  • Prop Guards will fit all Manufacturers Outboards and Stern Drives. Note: All hp's with Big Foot & High Thrust applications require next size up.
  • ALL APPLICATIONS of the 13" and 14" Prop Guards are for PONTOON AND DECK BOATS, and any other application that the vessel does not exceed 25 mph.
  • To obtain optimal performance out of your motor with the Prop Guard® installed, you may need to change your propeller diameter: 9" Prop Guard® up to 8.5" prop, 11" Prop Guard® up to 10.5" prop, 14" Prop Guard® up to 13.5" prop, and 16" Prop Guard® up to 16" prop.
  • The closer the prop blades are to the Prop Guard® rings, it will optimize your performance, handling and will not create a drag. Your motor will also have to be trimmed to a setting of optimal performance.
  • Be sure the Prop Guard® you purchase is the correct size. Place it on your motor with Grip Clamps first and CHECK YOUR CLEARANCES BEFORE DRILLING HOLES AND MOUNTING.
  • Manufacturer will not warrant your Prop Guard® should you drill into Prop Guard® and find you have purchased the wrong size.
  • Above all, please take your time in measuring and selecting the proper size Prop Guard®.
  • Consult your Marine Dealer or bring your motor by for an inspection for proper size.
  • You're never in a hurry!

  • Prop Guard installation instructions